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Slay Mama

Slay Mama 2018 Yoruba Movie

A lady neglects her family and house chores for instagram, facebook and snapchat post just because she wants to trend on social media. She...

Download Elere 2018 Yoruba Movie

Bewaji and Tolaore are best of friends. When they both started having misunderstandings and hot arguments, no one knew they are both Ogbanjes fighting...

Download Poison 2018 Yoruba Movie

A father-in-law who thinks he can get away with everything, didn't know he was taking poison when he starts to sleep with his son's...

BBNaija 2018 housemates, Miracle and Nina had sex in bed early this morning (+18...

Miracle and Nina finally threw caution to the wind and got down/dirty beneath their duvet early today. The 'strategic' partners had sex with one...

Sweet photo of pregnant Khloe Kardashian and her man, Tristan Thompson

"When a woman is loved correctly, she becomes ten times the woman she was before" -Khloe wrote as she shared this photo of her...

Mercy Johnson came out to slay at a wedding

Mercy Johnson spent her Saturday at a wedding and she brought her A game fashion-wise. The mother-of-three looked glamorous in her lovely gown which hugged her...
Iyawo Aje

Download Iyawo Aje 2018 Yoruba Movie

Darasimi has been rebuked severally for her carefree lifestyle but she refused to turn a new leaf until she learnt her lessons in the...
Omo Eja 2

Download Omo Eja 2 2018 Yoruba Movie

An interesting, captivating and entertaining movie. Happy viewing. DOWNLOAD HERE
Sunday Igboho Part 3

Download Sunday Igboho Part 3 2018 Yoruba Movie

Right from the womb, Sunday proves himself powerful by changing his sex to a male child from the female predestined by the Osun Priestess....

Download Opa Aro 2018 Yoruba Movie

There is war and the people of Alagbagba are overpowering the villagers of Opa Aro and are enslaving them. Balogun Asako of Opa Aro...

Download Arin 2018 Yoruba Movie

Two new occupants poke their nose into the next apartment and finds that the whole thing about the apartment seems mysterious. DOWNLOAD HERE

Download Betrayal 2018 Yoruba Movie

Bolatito is beautiful and gorgeous but every man that comes into her life is there to rob her off her money. She then meets...
Iyan Ogun Odun

Download Iyan Ogun Odun 2018 Yoruba Movie

The King of Oloyin village is obstinate about paying homage to an abductor for the freedom of his people. What would be their fate....
Omo Eja

Download Omo Eja 2018 Yoruba Movie

An interesting, captivating and entertaining movie. Happy viewing. DOWNLOAD HERE
Abawon Mi

Download Abawon Mi 2018 Yoruba Movie

An interesting and captivating movie. DOWNLOAD HERE

Download Oro 2018 Yoruba Movie

An interesting and educative movie about a married woman who losses all as a result of a word she uttered. DOWNLOAD HERE

Download Iruju 2018 Yoruba Movie

The story of a young lady who deceitfully cover her double personality to her proposed suitors but to what end. Find out. DOWNLOAD HERE

Download Itonisi 2018 Yoruba Movie

When one's mother becomes a deity that needs to be worshipped then the expectation is left with two choices. This saying narrates the extent...

Download Feyikemi 2018 Yoruba Movie

After a judge passed a verdict on an offender, his home was put in disarray. What could be responsible for this. Find out more...

Download Dowry 2018 Yoruba Movie

A story that explores present challenges faced by suitors in the fulfilment of marital rites. Find out more. DOWNLOAD HERE

Download Yanmife 2018 Yoruba Movie

A story of love, greed and lack of contentment between Yanmife who got emotionally attached to Okiki who in-turn wants her for his own...
Waheed Kolero

Download Waheed Kolero 2018 Yoruba Movie

In the midst of an emotional depression, a widow is willed over to her brother-in-law whose covetous attitude sets a discord in the family...
Alaafin Molete 2

Download Alaafin Molete 2 2018 Yoruba Movie

Fuelled by his selfless thirst for political administration, a middle aged man is bent on restoring faith and equity to the people while enlisting...
Orita Meta

Download Orita Meta 2018 Yoruba Movie

Three young individuals quest for wealth puts them in a rather unfortunate situation tied around a T junction. Find out more. DOWNLOAD HERE
Ebi Mi Ni

Download Ebi Mi Ni 2018 Yoruba Movie

Toyin and Ademide both from their various villages, board the same bus headed for the city with intentions of changing their life's They bump...
Olori Amolegbe

Download Olori Amolegbe 2018 Yoruba Movie

Olori Amolegbe forbids her husband from becoming the King Of Ilu Ileye after the oracle has spoken. Professor Adeleye Adegoroye becomes king and transforms...
Igbiyanju Part 2

Download Igbiyanju Part 2 2018 Yoruba Movie

Baba and Mama Posi who are going through hardship comes back home one day and see a bag full of money. Surprisingly, trust issue...

Download Agbeda 2018 Yoruba Movie

Fali has ggod luck spirit radiating around her but she has a generational curse that is affecting her. Her step mother doesn't know the...

Download Sixteen 2018 Yoruba Movie

How would you describe the emotions of a mother whose joy was cut short few days to her daughter's sixteenth birthday. Find out more. DOWNLOAD...

Download Assignment 2018 Yoruba Movie

Pelumi and Folarin's daily struggle is plagued with same circumstances. What could be responsible for their mysterious predicaments. Find out more. DOWNLOAD HERE